Restoration, Refinishing and Repairs.

Thanks for stopping by.  Curt’s Restoration and Refinishing is located in the beautiful city of Spokane in eastern Washington State.  We take pride in providing our customers with the very best in quality and service as we,  sometimes painstakingly but always rewardingly bring their treasured items back to original or better conditional.

We are experienced in furniture repair, refinishing and restoration. Also repair and restoration of most items of materials including wood, metal, plastics and fabrics so you can be assured that we can provide the services required for you items.

We also offer custom woodworking and metalworking for those of you that have vision of things you would like produced.


What We Do


Most of us have items that we’ve had for a very long time.  They are showing wear and may be need of repair. Some of these items may even have very speacial meaning to us.

There is just something about the look, feel and presence of  the products of fifty plus years ago. 

That is why we take so much pride in repairing and restoring these items to their former glory. 

Whether the material is wood, metal, ceramic, fabric or some plastics we can produce or repair and finish most items.


There’s nothing like seeing that dull worn finish come back the life.  It would be nice to have it looking as good as new or with a different color or finish altogether.

I love and appreciate vintage and antique items and I like some items showing their age to a degree but I really enjoy seeing very old pieces that look and perform as good or better than when they were first produced. 


Repairing items will extend the life of your items and save you from having to purchase a replacement.  Repairing and repurposing can save money and help the environment.

With decades of experience with woodworking, machining, finishing and machine repair and maintenance we’ve got you covered for just about any restoration or refinishing project.

Custom Builds

Some times you may have items that need custom containers, casework or bench.  We do custom woodwork or metalwork to suit your needs.                                                            

Custom Build
The image above is a faceting machine holder that has storage compartment for materials and tools.  The owner wanted it built to mount on the wall in his office.

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