There is just something about the feel, the look and the presence of most of the products of fifty plus years ago.  That is why we at Curt’s Restoration and Refinishing here in Spokane Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest take so much pride in repairing and restoring these items to their former glory.

Hi I’m Curt Hollowell founder of Curt’s Restoration.  I’ve spent the better part of 47 years repairing and refinishing items of all sorts professionally and otherwise.  Even with a 20 year run in tool and die maintenance and machining I always did repairing and refinishing of items for friends and family.

I have a love for old things and it kinda hurts to know something is being thrown away when all it needs is a little love to give it new life.

We serve the Pacific Northwest and surrounding areas making old things look and work like new.

From the finest jewelry to the roughest toughest machines the products of decades ago were made by skilled workers who did their very best to produce products that would work and last.  There seemed to be a solidness to the products they built.  Products that feel like
you’re holding onto something of value.  Maybe it’s because deep down we know that the people who labored in building these products put their heart, soul and sweat into something they could be proud of.

These products were built to last and with a little help they can be enjoyed for years and years to come.

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