Stripping and Refinishing raised-panel doors – part 2

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Well it has been a rediculously long time since I’ve posted about this project and I don’t even have a good excuse. The vintage raised-panel doors have long since been stripped, stained, finished and returned to the happy customer.

When I ended the last post I was about to start sanding in the raised panel profiles to remove stubborn stain and smooth the surfaces. This was just a time consuming task and no other way around it.

After sanding I put on two coats of Verathane “Gunstock” oil stain letting it stand for about five minutes before wiping off.

I let the stained doors sit for a couple of days before applying two coats of Minwax “Polycrylic” semi-gloss finish sanding between coats with 320 grit paper.

The doors turned-out great and a very good match to the existing doors in the building.

Written By: rrr-holloce

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